The Rieker Story

Rieker Antistress have been making shoes for over 130 years. Herr Heinrich Rieker opened the first factory in 1874. When Heinrich died, ownership and management of the factory in Tuttlingen, near the German Black Forest, passed to his three sons Ernst, Heinrich Jnr and Karl. The company grew fast and by 1924 had over 1000 employees, which doubled by 1964. It has remained under family control ever since, and in 1975 Markus Rieker took control and has lead the company from strength to strength.

Rieker Antistress is currently undergoing rapid growth throughout the world - it operates its fully vertically integrated operations in 62 countries around the world and is one of the largest shoe manufacturers in Europe. Shoes are produced in eight different countries by factories owned by the company and produce over 50,000 pairs per day soon to be increased to 70,000 pairs per day. Development of new collections takes place at the original factory and the headquarters for the Rieker holdings company is based in Reiden Switzerland.